Welcome to Syntaxcode.net

...a developer site that's uncut. I created this site to show examples and tools that anyone can use to build a webpage.

Sure, people can use Frontpage and other programs, but a good webpage shouldn't contain redundant and unnecessary code. Working with the code directly, making comments, and testing your work results in a smoother loading web page.

Developed Web Sites

Take a look at some sites that I have developed using these tools.

The latest Website is Carmine's Lawn and Landscaping. This is a simple business information site containing contact information, Social media feedback plugins, and links to contact the owner for an inspection or service quote. Over the course of the year, the website changes it's theme to coincide with the type of landscaping work done during that season.

The Latest Website is Healthcare Leaders of New York. This is combines the use of WordPress, JQuery, FLASH animations, and PHP to combine this interactive and content managed website.

Another is Tail Wagger of Litchfied. This is a more advanced site that coorelates position and imagery.

And FinallyVitality Fitness and Nutrition. This site introduces a large array of infomation for the person and communication to the company.

Using Google

I have used Google extensivly mainly since it offers tools as Open Source for public use. You can make modifications to fit your needs, and allows feedback for suggestions on future changes. For example, RSS feeds, analytics, Ext Core, anything. The use of APIs will help enhance your web pages based on data created by these Open Source companies.